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You have selected the course with the following information:

Course Code: 11/03/17 IEEE
Course Description:   Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biomedical Engineering
Course Level: 6
Basis: Full time

The following are the Study Units associated with this course. Each study Unit has been given a number of MCAST Library Staff assigned Subjects or Dewey Code numbers. Search the entire MCAST Library holdings using either the Subjects approach (many choices but fewer results for each choice) or the Class approach (fewer choices but more results for each choice). Search results can be refined (e.g. restricted to one Library or combining Subjects, Classes, Author, Title etc.) by using the 'Search our Catalogue Page'.

Study Unit Subject
1.   Biomechanics Biomechanics
2.   Biomedical micromachining Engineering
3.   Control Theory Electronics
    Electronics-Languages-Study and teaching
    EMI (Electronics)
    Engineering-Control-Study and teaching
4.   Design of medical instrumentation Engineering instruments
    Scientific apparatus and instruments
5.   DSP Electrical engineering
    Green technology
    Green technology-Design
6.   Electronics Electronics
    Electronics-Study and teaching
7.   Engineering materials for medical applications Materials-Engineering and construction
    Materials-Study and teaching
    Mechanical engineering-Materials
    Mechanical engineering-Study and teaching
8.   Gait analysis and human movement Ergonomics
9.   Human biology Anatomy
    Human anatomy
10.   Implant Technology Artificial organs
11.   Prosthetics and Orthotics Artificial limbs
12.   Signals and Systems Signals and signalling
    Signals and signalling-Study and teaching
    Signs and symbols
    Signs and symbols-Design
    Signs and symbols-Study and teaching
13.   Thesis Dissertations
    Report writing
Study Unit Class Description Class Code
1.   Biomechanics Engineering Mechanics & Materials 620.1
2.   Biomedical micromachining Other Branches of Engineering 629
3.   Control Theory Amplifiers & Feedback Circuits 621.381535
    Apparatus at Service End of Line 621.31924
    Electrical, Magnetic, Optical, Communications, Computer Engineering; Electronics, Lighting 621.3
    Electronics 621.381
    Electronics (Physics) 537.5
    Electronics, Communications Engineering 621.38
    Optical Engineering 621.36
    Robots 629.892
4.   Design of medical instrumentation Engineering & Allied Operations 620
    Instrumentation (Physics) 530.7
    Techniques, Procedures, Apparatus, Equipment, Materials (Chemistry & Allied Sciences) 542
5.   DSP Technology (Applied Science) 600
    Technology (Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Concordances) 603
    Technology (Education) 607.1
6.   Electronics Components & Circuits 621.3815
    Electronics 621.381
7.   Engineering materials for medical applications Engineering Materials 620.11
    Engineering Mechanics & Materials 620.1
8.   Human biology Human Anatomy, Cytology, Histology 611
    Human Physiology 612
    Physiology & related Subjects 571
9.   Signals and Systems Communication Systems (Engineering Systems of Nautical Craft) 623.856
    Electrical Engineering; Lighting; Superconductivity; Magnetic Engineering; Applied Optics; Paraphotic Technology; Electronics; Communications Engineering; Computers (Abbreviations & Symbols) 621.30148
    Signal Processing 621.3822
10.   Thesis Educational Research 370.72
    News Gathering & Reporting 070.43
    Professional, Technical, Expository Literature (Office Services) - Business Report Writing 808.066651
    Records Management 651.5
Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology
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